თათა მორჩილაძე

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In 2008 I founded a blog, which was not about fashion and beauty, it was just personal pages and some beauty stuff, then I found that a lot of people were interested in beauty posts and I started writing more about beauty sphere, online shops where to buy interesting and good products and about fashion.

After some time, my blog became rather popular and some PR companies and some brands started ordering paid posts to me, among them were such companies as: Samsung, Toyota, Coca – cola, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Desigual, Keith & Charles, Suite Blanco etc.

Besides my blog I was collaborating with discount sites like: Hotsale.ge, Ideals.ge and Deals.ge as a company and as a costumer.

In 2015 We founded InnDesign.ge – which is Georgian online catalogue about architecture, design, construction and home improvement. The goal of the catalogue is to provide users with detailed and exhaustive information about recondition, architecture, design and construction in Georgia. To save consumer’s time and energy while obtaining information. To offer direct contact between user and executive person: architects, designers or repairmen. To provide interested people with news. Today the catalogue has many companies’ profiles in and our telephone and e-mail are not stopping receiving information every day.